Monday, October 21, 2013

If You Like Your Health Care Plan You Can Keep It?

Remember at a Town Area conference in New Hampshire on Aug 11, 2009, the Chief executive said, "if you like your health proper care insurance strategy option, you can keep your health proper care insurance strategy option." I have been in the strategy company for many decades, and as we have moved toward the execution of the Affordable Care Act, it became increasingly more obvious that you would not be able to keep your health proper care insurance strategy option. Many of the strategy companies have remaining the industry. Since the bill became a law, some of the providers that I have worked with over the decades such as Major Financial, United states Community, World Insurance and United states Republic, have remaining the Wellness Insurance Market. If you had one of those providers, think what, you cannot keep your health proper care insurance strategy option.

This few days several of my clients covered with Celtic insurance strategy, obtained characters that their programs are not health proper care change certified and they will be ended efficient Dec 31, 2013. That is a nice piece of mail to receive. Celtic is a service provider I have placed a lot of company with over the decades. I was presented in their first quarter of 2012 publication as their presented agent for the quantity of production I did with that company. Celtic is based in Chi town and is owned by Centene Organization (CNC).

While I have seen most of the providers new programs to be certified with the law, I realized my personal insurance strategy policy would likely change. I love my Wellness Benefits Consideration (H.S.A). I have a $5000 insurance deductible and I pay all charges up to that quantity. I have also financed the savings take into account the medical expenses I may have.